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The sophisticated approach to social

Social media is a world of its own, and it can be hard to know where to channel your resources in order to attract the right people to your business. Through understanding your organisation and your brand, we will develop a strategy for paid social that spans any or all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, with your objectives front and centre.

How we start


Today, social media is a pay-to-play world where there’s a wealth of competition both from businesses and other individual users. Every time you post on a social media platform, you’re competing with all the other ‘noise’ within that space. That’s why even those with great organic social media will have limited results unless they put spend behind some of their posts. In addition, paid social posts open up a range of functions that aren’t otherwise available, allowing you to be even more effective at boosting your brand and helping your customers discover all the benefits of your business.

Understanding your audience

When we start working with you on your paid social media strategy, we begin with a discovery process to understand what you want to achieve through your social media platforms. We also explore the type of content your target market wants to find and engage with, looking into industry reports to see how behaviours are changing within your audience year on year.  We take time to explore the landscape around your industry, looking at what your direct competitors are doing, gaining inspiration from outside your immediate industry, and understanding the wider conversation around your subject area across other forms of content.

Shaping your strategy

All those insights help us to create a targeted approach for each social channel, tailoring the message and content to suit different online audiences and maximising results. We tailor each stage of the process from setting up the correct forms to offering actionable steps for your design team based on insights about what great content looks like for your audience.

A collaborative approach

We see working with you as a collaborative process. We will help you translate your brand online, from filling in forms and setting up channels to tailoring messaging and finding where your online audience is hiding out. After all, you know your business and we know social media – together we can take charge of the digital realm.

How We Continue

The Future

Once everything is set up, we begin the process of refinement and really getting you to where you want to be online. As we learn more about your business and your online audience, we will be able to gain cumulative results, constantly optimising your messaging and ultimately generating more fans for your business, who have a higher chance of ultimately turning into paying customers.

Placing results in context

We like to be totally transparent in our communications. Part of that is setting a context for your paid social results and what they might look like. We do this with industry benchmarks alongside reports of our own averages, to provide you with forecasts of what we hope to achieve and what ‘good’ is likely to look like for your business.

Test and learn

As with all things digital, paid social media strategies are not static. There’s a ‘test and learn’ process to getting it right and then improving results month on month. Verkeer is different in its approach because we take a business first approach to testing to ensure you get the best return on ad spend.  We’re on a constant journey of improvement to your strategy and will keep aiming higher and higher in line with your objectives to make sure your business stands out.

Supporting SEO with paid social

SEO is at the heart of our business and of digital marketing. It can be deployed across several stages of customer journey and because of its nature it can be used for both long- as well as short-term results. Social media ads are used for more immediate results and to directly influence the customer journey. Used properly, paid social can be a powerful awareness tool, sending people to your website or making your brand easier to find in all the right places.


  • Why is paid social important?

    Paid social is one of the most valuable aspects of a digital strategy because it empowers your brand to grow its audience and widen its user base. Crucially, it enables you to create customisable target audiences that it gives you control over who sees your content, when, and how. This targeted approach gets your advertising campaigns seen by the people most likely to be converted to paying customers, which is excellent news for your bottom line.

  • What is the best platform for paid social?

    The best platform for your paid social campaign varies from one organisation to the next. It depends on which platforms your target audiences use the most, but generally speaking, the  most popular platforms for paid social include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

    Data analysis and A/B testing will help to determine which platforms your audience responds to best. It’s an integral part of any paid social campaign  because when you know where your audience is, engaging with them is far easier.

  • Should you boost every organic social post?

    No, you don’t need to boost every one of your social posts. Paid social experts recommend boosting only organic social posts that are performing particularly well already. Boosting, even just for a few dollars, can help performing posts to gain more engagement and reach, which is what we’re looking to achieve.

  • What KPIs should you set for paid social?

    There are dozens of KPI metrics that you can track, and their relevance varies from business to business. Some of the most important KPIs include growth of connections, activity per week, engagement rate per post, coverage, impressions per post and per week, and cost per impression. When you work with us, we will discuss which KPIs are most relevant to you and your overall goals. 

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