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We work with brands of all sizes on a variety of KPIs to help them connect with their customers across social media, grow their presence, and reach new audiences.
Our Process:
Social media provides one of your biggest opportunities to showcase your brand’s proposition and characteristics. All of your social activities should reflect your brand’s core purpose and identity, especially when it comes to Paid Social advertising. We master Paid Social activities by:
  • Understanding your audience
  • Taking the time to understand your audience, what they want to engage with, and what they expect to see on social platforms.

  • Complimenting other activity
  • Complimenting your complete range of digital activities through retargeting and custom audience marketing.

  • Boosting organic social
  • Boosting your organic activity wherever it’s needed to reach a wider audience and get your message in front of the right people.

  • Adding variety
  • Utilising a variety of ad formats to display the right messages in the right ways and drive the engagement you want to see.

Proof of Our Excellent Results

Case Studies

Our case studies provide solid evidence of our drive and passion for success. Explore our wins and how we achieved remarkable results for our clients.

The Future of Paid Social:
The Future
Just like many other facets of digital, paid social is a constantly evolving field that you need expert input to navigate successfully. The future of paid social media advertising will include:
  • A more crowded marketplace
  • A more crowded marketplace makes standing out from your competitors even more challenging. This is why it’s crucial to partner with a skilled Paid Social strategist like Verkeer to get your brand noticed!

  • More focus on creative advertising
  • Social media users want to see creativity, uniqueness and innovation, and you need to make that happen if you want to engage them successfully.

  • Smart targeting across multiple channels
  • An omnichannel presence will become essential for brands that want to boost their conversion rates in the future.

Finding Out More
Frequently Asked Questions

Paid social is one of the most valuable aspects of a digital strategy because it empowers your brand to grow its audience and widen its user base. It enables you to create customisable target audiences that give you control over who sees your content, when, and how.

This targeted approach gets your advertising campaigns seen by the people most likely be converted to paying customers, which is excellent news for your bottom lines.

That depends on which platforms your target audiences use the most! Generally speaking, the best and most popular platforms for paid social include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Data analysis and A/B testing help you to determine which platforms your audience respond to best and are an integral part of any paid social campaign or strategy. When you know where your audience is, engaging them is far easier.

You don’t need to boost every one of your social posts. Paid social experts recommend boosting only organic social posts that are performing particularly well. Boosting, even just for a few dollars, can help performing posts to gain even more engagement and reach.

There are dozens of KPI metrics to track, and their relevance varies from business to business. Some of the most important KPIs include growth of connections, activity per week, engagement rate per post, coverage, impressions per post and per week, and cost per impression.

Consult a paid social expert at Verkeer to find out which KPIs are the most important for your organisation to keep track of.