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Paid search is the perfect partner to great SEO, providing a targeted way of driving traffic to your website, which you wouldn’t be able to catch organically in a competitive space. The purpose of paid advertising is to make your site easier to find online, improving its performance and increasing sales with intent. At Verkeer, we make sure we’re putting your ad spend in the right places so you can find the right users at the right time, using your budget to its best possible advantage.


With our Google Partner badge, you can be confident that we have the skills and knowledge to optimise your campaigns effectively. This means better-targeted ads, improved click-through rates, and ultimately, a higher return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget.

How we start


Great pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is not just about paying for traffic to your website. It’s about taking a carefully planned approach that makes sure you’re where you need to be when your audience needs you. That’s what our way of working is all about – making sure your spend is used effectively in line with your goals, rather than casting a wide net to catch a few stray fish.


We start by understanding your business KPIs, looking at what you want to achieve from your paid search and overall digital marketing, whether it’s specific sales targets, the promotion of key products or the type of leads you’re looking for. We also check any existing platforms that you have to make sure they’re set up correctly or to suggest where any housekeeping improvements can be made. We also learn about your target audience – what it looks like, whether there’s more than one – it’s all part of understanding you and your business. From there we research the search terms and keywords that will help you deliver the desired results, and provide costs alongside a planned approach for the first three months.

Test and learn

PPC, like anything in digital advertising, is constantly evolving – both in general and relating to you and your business. It’s not something you can do once and then leave alone. Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithm all the time, and we embrace that reality rather than fighting it. The common theme for Google is that it’s moving away from single keywords and is increasingly focused on topics, themes and moments in time for users. Part of that shift is to increase automation to all aspects of your paid search campaigns. We don’t fight that change in order to preserve manual processes; our approach is to constantly work out how to give Google the best data possible about your company, so that your business thrives online. To do that, we take a holistic approach that also considers PPC alongside your other services like organic SEO and social media.

Efficient placement

While we always recommend Google as the dominant channel for paid advertising, we have also seen clients perform well in other spaces, such as Microsoft advertising. Our goal is to see your business succeed, so we keep an open mind and take an inquisitive approach to researching your market demographic to make sure you have ads and keywords that are best placed to attract your customers and deliver efficient results for your organisation.

How we continue

The future

When it comes to paid search, it’s a constant process of evolution. So, once your platforms are set up and a strategy is in place, we set about making sure we continuously refine your strategy, keeping up with search trends and Google updates, and making sure your customers and potential customers can find you whenever and wherever they need you.

Capturing users in the moment

How people search online changes continuously, so when we work with you and your team, we constantly adapt our strategy to be in line with those nuances. In addition, Google changes its features on an almost daily basis, so we run regular tests to make sure we’re optimising our approach with that in mind.

Keeping up with Google

Paid search is all about making sure you are where you need to be when users are looking for you. Google is always refining its requirements in order to make search more effective and user friendly. Our goal is to make sure you are maximising your potential within that sphere.

Maximising time efficiency and performance

The crucial thing about paid search strategies is that they have to deliver against your goals. No one has endless budgets and everyone wants their spending to be commensurate with the results. That’s why we treat your budget as if it were our own – maximising its potential as well as using tools like Google Scripts to help save time, free up resources for higher level tasks, and improve performance.



  • What is paid search?

    Whenever someone types a search term into a search engine like Google, they receive a list of results on the search engine results page (SERP), displaying both organic and paid results.

    Paid results are highlighted on Google and are the result of businesses paying to have their pages show at the top of the page. This is achieved through Google Ads search campaigns, which work by charging you whenever an online user clicks on your link (hence the term pay-per-click).

    Paid search works by driving traffic to your website through targeted ads that are relevant to your target audience.

  • Can PPC all be automated?

    Yes! Automation can be used to boost PPC performance, and some paid search requirements can be automated to streamline the process. Automation can be used to take care of things like:

    • Bid management
    • The calculation of optimal ROAS (return on ad spend) and CPA (cost per action) targets
    • Account alerts
    • PPC reporting
    • Writing ad copy

    However, it only works to a degree. While automation is helpful, a paid search specialist or digital marketing agency still needs to oversee the process to ensure that your PPC campaigns are implemented effectively, by applying context and nuance to strategy and actions.

    At the moment at least, the machines can’t do the job of understanding the human side of search, extracting insights and adapting them to the unique requirements of your business.

  • Why use a PPC agency?

    There are lots of benefits to partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency for your PPC strategy. The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving, and the right agency can help you to navigate those changes, achieve great ROI, select the best keywords for your advertising needs, and optimise your website landing pages to improve your conversion rates.

    They can also help your business to stay ahead of industry changes, and adapt to the evolving market more rapidly and effectively with integrated support wherever it’s needed.

  • How do you find the right PPC partner?

    The right PPC partner for your business is the one that not only delivers results, but also makes you feel supported, confident and excited about the work you’re doing together. Naturally, they should have a track record of satisfied customers as well.

    Your digital marketing partner should provide you with regular progress updates and reports, providing transparent communications so you can work together to achieve the best results for you, your team and your company.

    Ultimately, when it comes to the perfect partner – as in all circumstances, you want someone you can build a strong, long-term working relationship with, giving you what you need, when you need it. 

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