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Whether you’re looking to reach a new audience, re-engage an existing one, or drive bottom line growth at an impressive pace, we’ve helped businesses do exactly that. And more.
Our Process:
PPC is more than just ‘paid for traffic’ - it’s the culmination of being present when your audience needs you and earning their clicks. Verkeer’s paid search strategies make sure you’re always in the right places, at the right times:
  • Preparation
  • Ensuring that everything is set up correctly for ideal PPC advertising performance.

  • Assessing the Audience
  • Assessing which audiences engage with you the most, whether or not they align with your focus groups, and how you can more effectively engage your true target audiences.

  • Test and Learn
  • Rapidly identifying what works and what doesn’t and building more effective PPC strategies using this data.

  • Efficient Placement
  • Understanding which terms we need to be present on and where other channels are picking up the traffic to ensure that your resources are concentrated in the most beneficial areas possible.

Proof of Our Excellent Results

Case Studies

Our case studies provide solid evidence of our drive and passion for success. Explore our wins and how we achieved remarkable results for our clients.

The Future of Paid Search:
The Future
Search engine algorithms are placing increasing amounts of emphasis on end users. Paid Search is no different. That’s why we believe that the future of Paid Search will focus on:
  • Capturing users in the moment
  • We expect that the future of paid search will focus less on individual keywords and more about what is needed at any given moment to engage users and encourage them to click through.

  • Less exact advertising and more phrase-based approaches
  • Google and other ad providers are changing their best practices in line with changing user behaviour, and your business needs to move with the times to capitalise wherever it can.

  • Higher automation and higher scrutiny
  • As platforms evolve and automation becomes even more productive and widely implemented, there will be more room for specialists to scrutinise, interrogate, and utilise the data being collected to make better, more strategic advertising decisions with higher ROI rates.

Finding Out More
Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever an end user types a search term into a search engine like Google, they receive a list of results on the search engine results page (SERP), which displays both organic and paid results.

Paid results are highlighted as such on Google and are the result of businesses paying to have their pages show on the top of the list. This can be achieved through Google Ads search campaigns, for example, which charges you whenever an online user clicks on your link. Paid search works by driving traffic to your website through targeted ads that are relevant to your target audience.

Automation can be used to boost PPC performance, and some paid search requirements can be automated to streamline the process. Automation can be used to take care of bid management, the calculation of optimal ROAS and CPA targets, account alerts, PPC reporting, and even the writing of ad copy, but only to a degree.

A paid search specialist or a skilled agency like Verkeer still needs to oversee the process to ensure that your PPC campaigns are implemented perfectly. A human touch is absolutely essential to apply context and leanings over automations, to extract insights from their operation, and to adapt these insights to the unique requirements of your business.

There are plenty of benefits to partnering with an experienced PPC agency. The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving, and the right agency will help you to navigate these changes, achieve great ROI, select the best keywords for your advertising needs, and optimise your website landing pages to improve your conversion rates.

The right agency can also help your business to stay ahead of industry changes as and when they develop, to adapt to these changes more rapidly and thoroughly, and to provide more integrated support wherever it is needed.

The right PPC partner for your business will prove exactly how their past PPC campaigns have helped their clients to boost their conversion rates and sales consistently over time. Your partner should provide you with regular progress updates and reports at your preferred intervals.

Over and above this, they should be willing to build a strong working relationship with you and delve deep into your business’s advertising needs to bring you the ROI you’re looking for.