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Are you looking to expand your traffic, dominate your market or grow your revenue streams? Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes across all industries hit their organic objectives.
Our Process:
Every business is different and has unique challenges and objectives. Our SEO work isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s bespoke, each and every time.
  • Analyse
  • Assessing the market, the latest trends, your website, and your competitors, and using data to make informed decisions. Our detailed analyses provide the data we need to ensure that your website meets technical best practices, the on-page content is structured in line with your brand’s identity and tone of voice, that structured and intuitive URLs are created for core landing pages, and that informative copy, meta-data and alt text is created to help ensure your site shows up on search results and attracts relevant traffic.

  • Tech-first
  • The technical health of your website is key to build the foundations for future growth. This involves structuring your website in a way that allows for it to be effectively crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines.

  • Quality over quantity
  • Posting the right content that truly resonates with your audience, rather than flooding the web with valueless content. Creating original and inspiring content is essential for engaging the right audiences, but you also need to be timely with the posting of your content in line with seasonality and trends. Our focus on quality ensures that your brand is aligned with authoritative, high-quality content to engage and captivate the right people.

  • Entity recognition
  • Optimising how search engines see your brand and building broader connections across your key digital platforms. Establishing strong SEO on your website helps your brand to build authority, improve its online reputation, and form the basis for its future growth and success.

Proof of Our Excellent Results

Case Studies

Our case studies provide solid evidence of our drive and passion for success. Explore our wins and how we achieved remarkable results for our clients.

The Future of SEO:
The Future
In the future, as search engines and their search results increasingly align themselves with an optimised user experience, this experience is expected to become a priority factor in the development of effective SEO campaigns. Even if your marketing campaigns and online content are impeccable and perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of your target audience, progress is not guaranteed unless you are able to consistently engage your users. Working with a digital SEO agency can help you to perfect the key factors that provide your audience with an excellent user experience to engage them and boost your SERP performance over time.
  • User-first approaches
  • Prioritising excellent site speed, consistent content quality, and accessibility, which will all be at the core of future measures of success.

  • SERP exposure
  • Focusing not only on what happens on your website, but how you’re performing in results pages as well.

  • Entity expansion
  • Recognising that growing numbers of Google features rely on business knowledge and implementing a consistent focus on improving the recognition of your core business and related entities.

Finding Out More
Frequently Asked Questions

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a set of practices that improve the positioning and appearance of websites and web pages in organic search results.

Organic search is the best way for people to discover and access new content online, so a solid SEO strategy is crucial for improving the quantity and quality of traffic on your website.

Even the best SEO strategies take time to show real results, but they are well worth the wait. It generally takes between four and six months to start seeing success from your SEO efforts, based on myriad factors like the age of your website and your past history with Google.

Working with a skilled SEO agency like Verkeer gives you access to knowledge and skills that can improve your website, set it apart from your competitors’ sites, and allow it to reach more leads and potential customers.

Our extensive experience and the wide range of tools and skills at our disposal also saves you time, while still ensuring that your website SEO is on point.

The right SEO agency will have ample experience in your niche or industry and a passion to see its clients succeed. It will provide plenty of case studies and testimonials that evidence how it was able to deliver a high ROI for past clients, improve their discoverability in search results, and consistently boost their web traffic.

Your agency should be able to prove to you that they have improved clients’ rankings and increased their web traffic in the past. But also that those improvements have led to higher rankings and better click-through rates, which are crucial in the quest for higher revenues.