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Digital consultancy is at the heart of everything we do because it brings all of the different digital marketing services that we offer together.  Our clients can work with us in one of three ways – you can engage with us for one digital marketing service or for many, or purely for consultancy – we have the team and skills to do it all. When we oversee the entire digital marketing suite however, we are able to maximise the impact of each one by helping them work together. That said, even if we don’t provide all your digital marketing services, we will always support those who do in any way we can.

Our process

How We Start

Discovery and Analysis

Whether we work across one, multiple or all your digital marketing services, for us, what matters is not just generally achieving great results online but getting the results that matter to you, together. So while we have the specialist knowledge to deliver digital marketing that fuels online growth, we start by listening to you and learning what your values are. We also research and analyse your existing channels and the current market to help inform your strategy.

Prioritisation and Explanation

Part of strategising means deciding on an appropriate rollout of spend and services, prioritising some actions over others to make sure budgets and efforts are used most effectively and cost-effectively. The crucial thing is that we base our recommendations and prioritisations on our research and analysis and then we bring our findings to you with a complete explanation of what and why we’ve landed on our approach. It’s important for us that everyone is on the same page and feels informed about the actions being taken and why.

Execution and Evaluation

The next step is to take our digital strategies, combining planned and responsive campaigns to attract more customers to your business, and put them into motion. As nothing in the world of digital marketing ever stands still, we take a one to three month initial approach, monitoring results, refining our approach and adapting to the evolving algorithms, audience and wider influences that affect how, where and why your target market is searching and engaging online.

How We Continue

The Future of Digital

After the initial process of setting up your platforms and digital marketing strategy, we look to the future, aiming to achieve cumulatively great results and providing benefits with compound interest.

An omnichannel approach

Through our consultancy service you get the benefit of a connected or ‘omnichannel’ approach to digital marketing, which speaks to the core of what we believe at Verkeer. We think digital marketing should take a channel agnostic approach, where all platforms or services lean on each other and can use each other’s advantages. For example, if SEO can’t target high volume search terms, then PPC can step in so you still get the visibility you want and need. When we have a bird’s eye view of all channels, we can bring them all together.

A client-first seamless approach

That said, whether we look after all your channels or work alongside your internal teams and other external providers, we always want to do whatever we can to maximise results. We will work enthusiastically with all involved to provide a seamless experience. Our team is experienced and skilled in all areas of digital marketing, and we collaborate in everything we do. That means that even if we’re not managing all your different channels, we will still happily offer advice from team members in different service areas if we think it will help you achieve better results, because everything we do is about putting you first.


  • What is digital consultancy?

    A digital consultancy is a results-driven agency dedicated to helping you grow your online platforms and presence, promoting your business via key digital platforms, and selling more products and services online.

    Digital consultants like ours create actionable digital strategies and help with their implementation to attract more customers and clients to your organisation. They can also assist with web design optimisation, SEO, content management, email and social media marketing, digital advertising campaigns and much more.

  • Why work with a digital consultant?

    Working with a digital consultant saves your business time and money, gives you access to a wide range of digital expertise and helps you to formulate a results-oriented long-term strategy that will fuel your future growth.

    Bringing in an expert agency saves you from having to hire new staff or train your existing team in new procedures. It allows you to scale according to your needs at any given time without making major changes to your workforce.

  • How do you choose the right digital consultant?

    The right digital consultant for your organisation will have a few key features:

    First, they will have worked with businesses similar to yours in the past and can prove that they achieved great results.

    Second, they will be able to provide glowing testimonies and case studies from past clients to show that they have an excellent track record.

    Third, they offer a personal touch and are willing to adapt their way of working to the unique needs of your company.

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