The big win


increase in organic traffic









The Challenge

Pearlfisher are an industry leading design agency, specialising in exceptional branding and packaging design. They focus on creating visual architecture and pride themselves in being a visionary group of designers, futurists, strategists and realisers.

Pearlfisher wanted to grow their organic presence to reach more brands and businesses looking for support on brand design from logos through to defining and developing a brand identity.

Because Pearlfisher operates in a very visual space, there were restrictions on the amount of copy that could be added to landing pages as well as overall design elements of the website, limiting some of the more standard SEO recommendations an agency might provide.

Pearlfisher needed a partner who understood their brand, could work with their design restrictions, and would help them reach their target audience effectively. With little SEO work carried out on the site previously, ongoing support on technical maintenance and strategic guidance was key to supporting their growth.


What we did

Content audit and optimisation of existing content to facilitate ongoing performance through current content.

Keyword landscape to identify additional terms the audiences are searching for which could be factored into the targeting strategy.

Technical maintenance and improved internal linking between site sections to build up onsite hubs of knowledge, improving relevancy of pages for target queries.

Content strategy to capture additional informational queries and attract more of the target audience to the website before moving through to service-based pages.

On-page optimisation factoring in metadata, content, and additional markup to improve the relevancy of pages in relation to the target queries and audience needs.




increase in organic traffic


increase in organic traffic to the Work section of the website


increase in ranking keywords

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