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The Challenge

Goodwin Procter LLP is a Global 50 international law firm, with over 1000 lawyers in locations worldwide. Goodwin specialises in all manner of high stakes litigation, with a focused approach to working with clients in the financial, private equity, real estate, technology and life sciences industries.

After working with Verkeer for a year, Goodwin had seen some fantastic improvements in their organic performance, but they wanted to take this to the next level by ensuring their offline reputation was transferred to the online experience for their audience.

With new fields and industry experience being expanded all the time, as well as new lawyers continuously joining the firm, they needed to make sure there was a strategy in place which both cemented their current performance while attracting a new audience based on their own growth and recent advances in the organic space.

With limited resource internally, they needed a supporting team to identify the queries their audience were searching for, identify new opportunities to connect with their audience through content and other features in the search results, and formulate a strategy that would facilitate further growth while improving the online experience to capitalise on the increases in traffic.


What we did

Client Development questionnaire for internal experts to provide guidance on their own service propositions, steering the keyword research needed for attracting the right audiences.

Extensive keyword research based on the Client Development questionnaire responses and further in-SERP research to identify new queries the target audience were searching for and then mapping these to existing pages on the website.

New page recommendations for queries which did not have an appropriate landing page.

Content strategy to target the informational keyword themes identified across the various Goodwin Blogs.

On-site user experience analysis to identify key pain points on the current website.

Assessment of the current service pages to ensure messaging aligned with new propositions, appropriate keyword targeting was in place, and content met the required intent of the queries.




increase in contact events


increase in organic sessions to services pages


increase in sitewide organic traffic


increase in ranking keywords


increase in page 1 keyword rankings

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