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Google Chrome marking all HTTP sites ‘Not Secure’ in July

Security. It’s relevant today more than ever and is something that we’re keen to emphasise to all of our clients. In the modern world of dark digital, making sure all users are secure when they’re online is paramount.

Google has continued to take steps to highlight the importance of security, and from the end of July 2018, will start flagging many websites as ‘Not Secure’ if they are still HTTP websites or URL’s. Webmasters and publishers alike were given about 6 month’s notice about this change, so it should not come as a surprise.

But what does all of this actually mean?

In short, HTTPS, or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, is the secure version of HTTP This is the term or ‘protocol’ by which data is transferred between the browser and the website you’re browsing. The Secure element is noted by the S at the end (https). It signifies that all data being transferred is encrypted. Previously, HTTPS was primarily used to protect browsing that required extra security. Think online transactions, personal data input and so on. But in the new age of GDPR and data protection, the need to always be secure whatever is being browsed, has come to the fore and the companies that deliver browsers are now taking action.

So what’s actually happening?

From the 24thJuly on the new Google Chrome 68 browser, any websites still on HTTP, will have a ‘Not Secure’ label added next to the URL, and from a business point of view, this is something you really don’t want your consumers to see.

I want to be secure. What do I need to do?

All websites still on HTTP, should upgrade to a HTTPS URL, even if you don’t capture any data or ask for payment information or alike. Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS can be quite a task depending on how big and complex your website is. Therefore, if you’re thinking about undertaking this work (and we strongly recommend you do), check out the multitude of resources online or drop us an email to see how we can take the stress away from you!

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