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Digital Trends that will have a great impact in 2020

With only weeks to go until we wave goodbye to 2019 (and the decade of the 2010s!), we are looking ahead to the digital trends of 2020. Faster internet, video SEO and the implications of machine learning and AI are all covered in our guide to the digital world of 2020…

The introduction of 5G

We’ve all heard whispers and rumours about 5G, but it sounds like 2020 will be the year of 5G. With 5G phones already in production and major networks committing to supporting roll-outs of 5G, we can expect internet that’s 100x faster than 4G to be commonplace in the home and at work sooner than we think! That means we’re looking at faster browsing, faster data-capture and even speedier website requirements – this means another tick in the box cross-device tracking, and omnichannel experiences.

However, the implications of a 5G rollout reach far beyond ridiculous mobile speeds. A 5G infrastructure not only makes browsing, converting and data capture unimaginably quicker, but it will also lead to huge leaps forward in technology such as IoT which, until now, has felt like something that’s decades away.

YouTube SEO

Another implication of 5G is that quicker universal internet means more video consumption globally. On YouTube alone, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and 5 billion videos are viewed every day across the globe.

The increase in influencers, passive income streams and digital marketing mean that it’ll be easier than ever in 2020 to create, curate and digest video content. But, how do you get your video seen if you’re not a huge creator? Similarly to search engines, YouTube also uses a form of its own ‘SEO’ (if we can call it that!) as well as its videos now being included in Google search results, particularly for ‘how to’ and long-tail keywords.

AI & Machine Learning

Quicker data capture means quicker reporting, but do we, as humans, have the capacity to truly analyse big data? AI and machine learning tools are popping up regularly to support big data analysis, and there are murmurs of a big shift to AI analytics tools in 2020.

AI and machine learning tools can also support your website and CRO tactics, with skills such as predictive content: allowing your messaging to adapt to the visitors viewing history and previous interactions on your website, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Microsoft has also announced that they’re working on a conversational AI which will understand the emotions and nuance of our voices, which may link into the rise of voice search and chatbots nicely…


With quicker internet, customer service agents will be hard-pressed to deal with volume and response time expectations. Many businesses already use chatbots as a crucial element of their website, sales or customer service experiences, and recent research has even shown that 63% of people now prefer messaging a bot in order to communicate with a business or brand.

It’s been forecasted that chatbots will power 85% of customer service by 2020, and by saving time on staff costs, overheads and training (because the chatbots will naturally become more useful with each conversation!) the economic benefits will be hard to ignore for most modern businesses. We absolutely expect an increase in the use of chatbots in 2020.

Voice Search

With an even faster pace of life coming with the introduction of 5G, our reliance on wearable tech, smart speakers and smart-home assistants will only increase in 2020.

With an estimated 80% of all Google searches expected to be voice search in 2020, voice search is going to be a big shift in the way that we consume content and browse the internet. With voice search changing the way SEO works, it’s a big change to be mindful of in 2020.

With less than a month left of 2019, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about 2020’s digital trends, whether that’s by improving your site speed, embracing voice search or finding your perfect chatbot, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of digital experts today to learn more.

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