Project: Driving Preferred Customers Through SEO
Client: Moneycorp
Industry: B2B
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in private sign ups.

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in corporate sign ups.

The Challenge

moneycorp assists businesses and individuals with a variety of payment needs, from foreign exchange to personal payments abroad. moneycorp had undertaken some SEO activity before, but with changes to their positioning on the horizon and a growing network of teams around the world, they needed a centralised partner to support their growth in the UK market.

Historically, moneycorp had been known for the Personal side of their business model through their currency exchange service and support with sending money abroad for various solutions. But in 2021, they wanted to pivot their model to focus more on the business side – longer term, larger value to them as a company but a difficult feat in an already crowded space – while ensuring they were still able to capitalise on the opportunities in the Personal sector.

Our team was challenged to increase business and personal sign ups on the site, and to increase the brand’s online visibility through the use of non-branded search terms.

What We Did
• STEP 1 •

Full technical audit of the site to identify any issues inhibiting ranking performance + implementation support for identified issues.

• STEP 2 •

Keyword landscape covering sitewide opportunities and then specific to the Business sector in more detail.

• STEP 3 •

On-page optimisation to target the identified queries, including content expansion where required and content optimisation across focus areas of the site.

• STEP 4 •

Content strategy focused around the core business priorities aligned with search opportunity and audience requirements.

in private sign ups YoY.
in corporate sign ups YoY.
additional monthly
impressions in Google Search Console.
average increase
in clicks.
in the number of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions.
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