Project: Strategy To Drive Sign Ups & Grow Visibility Through SEO
Client: LTA
Industry: B2B
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in organic traffic 2021 vs. 2020.

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in organic traffic 2021 vs. 2019.

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in top 3 rankings Jan 2022 vs. Jan 2019.

The Challenge

LTA’s main focus is to get more people participating in tennis through a variety of initiatives including their work with Schools, Youth Programmes, Rally and helping more people find courts and clubs they can both play at and join.

LTA has struggled historically to track the booking and sign up processes across the website, limiting how much understanding they have about what contributes to their growth and how they can do more of that to continue attracting the right audience to the website.

Due to their legacy website setup, there were a lot of technical issues which impacted the crawling of the website and speed of indexation, so through 2021 LTA were looking to move to an upgraded website that would be better positioned to capitalise on their current performance, scale with their growth objectives, and allow for more a more flexible setup to assist all channels in their overall objectives.

With organic search being the primary driver of their website traffic, it wasn’t just focusing on driving more traffic, but more of the right traffic that would lead to increased participation levels, while ensuring efforts were focused on areas of the site that would see the most benefit in preparation for the new website. Then, we needed to make sure all of the value that work had driven was transferred to the new website, so we managed the full migration process alongside the teams at LTA to ensure a smooth, value-enhancing, migration took place.

What We Did
• STEP 1 •

Section specific keyword landscaping to identify queries relevant to the individual initiatives and departments.

• STEP 2 •

On-page optimisation of core focus sections as well as sitewide best practice alignment


• STEP 3 •

Internal linking updates to facilitate better crawling of key areas.

• STEP 4 •

Content updates across core focus areas to improve the level of information provided in turn better meeting intent of the target queries.

• STEP 5 •

Ongoing technical maintenance to resolve high priority issues.

• STEP 6 •

New website support and recommendations on SEO requirements to be factored into build and templates for different pages.

• STEP 7 •

Content framework and recommendations for content to be created in line with search demand.

• STEP 8 •

End to end website migration support including management of all redirect mapping, support on content optimisation in the staging environment, requirements for new pages, and technical reviews at each stage of build to ensure improved performance against Core Web Vitals and the removal of technical debt.

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