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Case Study

Newbridge House | Schoen Clinic Hospital Group

Newbridge House, based in Birmingham is a national centre for young people aged 8 to 18 with eating disorders.

It offers a range of specialist treatments and support to those affected.  In addition, Newbridge House promotes awareness of eating disorders and supports professionals working with young people who suffer from these conditions.

We were tasked with the following objectives:

  • To provide Newbridge House with increased exposure in Google
  • To drive targeted online traffic to the site.


The strategy that we developed with Newbridge House was to focus on long tail keywords and specific questions that people posed about eating disorders in general. After we conducted our keyword research, the website was positioned to answer those questions.

Our deep understanding of algorithm changes was also important in this SEO campaign. We were able to create targeted content, fully optimised to what the algorithm was looking for. This process is constantly changing and evolving, requiring our team to have a strong grasp of Google’s responses.

The ‘Medic’ update which Google rolled out in August 2018, was crucial to the success of our partnership with Newbridge House. This algorithm change ensured that websites with expert, trustworthy and authoritative content receive preferable rankings on the search results page. Amongst those affected were medical sites, this meant that we needed to make sure that Newbridge House’s content was fully optimised to meet the needs and guidelines set by this update.

Our Impact

The results from the SEO campaign have transformed Newbridge House’s online presence. With high quality, optimised content, we were able to reach our target keywords and drive significant traffic to the site. This has not only been beneficial to the Newbridge House website but also supports young people with eating disorders who can easily find a trusted source of answers to their questions.


  • 174% increase in Year on Year Organic Traffic


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