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LTA – Tennis for Britain

LTA are the National Governing Body for tennis in the United Kingdom. They appointed Verkeer to help bring together the two arms of their organisation - the 'consumer-facing arm', and the 'national governing body' arm.

The aim being to achieve the ultimate goal for the LTA – Get more people in the UK participating in tennis.

The key metric for us with this work was British Tennis Memberships. Becoming a member of the LTA provided people with access to the tennis ecosystem in the UK, allowing LTA to better serve their customers. This gave us the roadmap and direction we needed to create a winning strategy.

The strategy we developed focused on –

  • Building and maintaining a technical strong LTA website
  • Developing seamless content, information architecture and structures on the website
  • Staying ahead of the curve by continually analysing the tennis world and its online presence


Sponsor and partnerships are a huge part of the LTA ecosystem, and when Fever Tree, Fuzion 100 and Nature Valley were introduced as major sponsors for the UK’s biggest tennis tournaments in the summer of 2018, Verkeer supported the complex digital transition that comes with this commercial change.

Day to day technical SEO support, website enhancements and guidance as the sponsors were integrated onto the website. The goal was to ensure seamless changes to the website and achieve high rankings and traffic throughout, particularly through the revenue generating areas of the website.

As a result of our support, all of the sponsors were successfully integrated on the website and tournaments and the tournaments achieved some of the highest revenue they’d ever achieved.


Tennis evolving

Adding credence to the fast-moving LTA, the website underwent a complete restructure in the summer of 2018 with huge implications to SEO as a core area of the work was the URLs.

After developing a strong technical transition process following the earlier sponsor introductions, we applied this strategy to the restructure, thereby ensuring the usually time-consuming and complicated task for a website of the LTA’s size, was carried out efficiently and with no detrimental impact at any part of the process.

The LTA allowed us to take control of the SEO elements of the work, freeing their digital team up to focus on other tasks under the assurance SEO was handled effectively.

As tennis continues to grow in the UK, our focus is clear – Ensure LTA are the first port of call for anything tennis related in the UK online.


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  • Strategy

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