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About Us

Our mission

Verkeer was founded on the principle of demystifying digital marketing for our clients, offering value for money, great outcomes that align with customer objectives, and an approachable attitude that makes us feel like a seamless extension of your team.

Those goals are inextricably tied to our work ethic, which means that we’re as invested as you are when it comes to seeing results for you and your organisation. We are responsive in our communications, we’re always happy to talk things through and we keep an eagle eye on everything we do, to constantly reach and exceed your goals. 

We’re based in London but our roots are in Glasgow, where our founder, Nick, is originally from. We think those brass tacks, hard-working, northern roots are instrumental to setting us apart. We like to do things properly, be clear and straightforward in what we’re offering and we take pride in our work.

What makes us different?

From the very beginning we set out to demystify digital for our customers, delivering results that really matter to you and investing in your goals as if they are our own.

Our way of working is unique from other agencies in that your point of contact will not just be an account manager, but someone who knows how to get the job done – it’s a characteristic that our Managing Director, Hannah, has been dedicated to ensuring. That means that from the first time you talk to us to discuss the services you want or the targets you want to achieve, you’re always speaking to someone who can tell you what’s achievable and what’s not because they are experts at what they do. It also means that whoever you’re talking to will be personally up to speed with your brand and your values, and they will be doing or directly overseeing the work.

At Verkeer, we deliver the same standard of service and dedication no matter what sized company you are. We work with everyone from scale-ups to top UK law firms and global sports and healthcare brands. We know that your time is valuable – you’re busy, you want to know that the people you go to for support are going to do a great job, that you can trust them to get on with it, and that you can get hold of them when you need to – that’s what you get when you work with Verkeer.

Our values

Our values are what set us apart. We are motivated by a desire to do great work that meets and exceeds the wants and needs of our clients.


Your ambition is our ambition. Of course we are ambitious for our own business, but we see that as being directly linked to achieving the results that are important to our clients.  Our team members get deeply invested in the success of our clients, and will often come up with suggestions and ideas that could support other channels – not just the ones that we’re responsible for. We like to work like an additional team member, supporting the ambitions of the business and the individuals within your company – our greatest ambition is to see you and your people thrive.


We want you to look forward to every meeting with us and leave every conversation feeling excited about what we’re doing. We are easy to contact whenever you want to chat, and we always aim to be helpful, even when it means going off to do a bit of extra research if we don’t have the immediate answer. Our team doesn’t have an ego when it comes to explaining what we do; we’re not big on jargon – we like brass tacks, straightforward communication that everyone can understand. We also like to support our clients on a human level – we want to know what pressures you’re under so we can tailor our approach in a way that makes your working life easier. After all, we’re all people.


We want to do a great job, which means we’re focused on delivering meaningful results that matter to our clients – that’s the basis of long-term, trusted relationships. In practice, that translates as transparent communications, only taking credit for results that we have directly created, and only making promises we know we can keep. For example, we have been known to turn projects down if we don’t think we can make an impact. If a prospective client comes to us asking about SEO but we know that they actually need a great PR campaign, we will say so and we will point them in the right direction. Equally, if we’re working on your SEO and the numbers have gone up, we will always look at the causes and only claim credit for the influence we have had.

The growth of Verkeer

The story so far

Since we began in 2013, we've gone from strength-to-strength, growing as a team and in the scope of services we offer. We have hit some incredible milestones and had a blast along the way. Here's a snapshot of our journey so far.

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